Lab Solutions is a fast developing company engaged in the supply of laboratory equipment. It was established by the end of 2010 based in Thessaloniki, Greece. We provide a wide range of consumables and instruments for various analytical, chemical and microbiological laboratories. The key of our successful presence is high-quality products , prompt customer service and affordable prices of the services we provide.
Some of our consumables and instruments are:
- Various types of lab filters (syringe filters, qualitative & quantitave filters, sterile membrane filters)
- Various chromatography consumables (HPLC/GC vials, HPLC/GC columns, SPE cartridges, SPE accessories)
- Glassware and Plasticware (beakers, volumetric flasks, erlenmeyer flasks, cylinders, tubes etc)
- pH meters, conductivity meters, DO analyzers
- laboratory and industrial balances
- water/ultrasonic baths, heating mantles, magnetic stirrers, shakers, vortex, centrifuges
- Adjustable and fixed volume pipettes
- Vacuum pumps, filtration devices
- Water Purification Systems
- Spectrophotometers

Some of our customers are:
- Academia, Universities
- Research Institutes
- Food & Beverage Industries
- Pharmaceutical Companies
- Enviromental Analysis Laboratories
-General Chemical State Laboratory of Greece

Besides Greece, we are shipping our products to the following countries:
Albania, FYROM, Bulgaria, Kosovo, Romania.